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Mastering your Destiny is a matter of taking action, not engaging in reaction.

  • This Online Professional Edition Tong Shu has been specially designed to fulfill the needs of those of you who need to perform Date Selection on a regular or specialised basis.

  • A basic version of the more advanced, Professional BaZi MingPan Calculator used by students of the BaZi Mastery Series.

Joey Yap's Qi Men Dun Jia Tools

Reproduction of terminologies, layouts and designs in any form without the express written consent from Joey Yap International Limited is prohibited.

  • I think it is a fascinating subject and Joey has been wonderful.

  • Alternatively, it suggests that you have the potential How Wu are you? Having said that, nothing beats getting a complete BaZi consultation from a professional, or taking a full BaZi course and learning the interpretation skills completely for yourself.