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Anatomy heart The heart:

Basic Anatomy of the Heart

Anatomy heart Heart: illustrated

Anatomy heart Heart Anatomy:

Anatomy heart The heart:

Anatomy heart Heart Information

Anatomy heart Heart Anatomy

Anatomy heart Heart

Anatomy heart Basic Anatomy

Anatomy heart Basic Anatomy

Heart Anatomy and Function

Anatomy heart Heart Anatomy

The heart: Anatomy, how it works, and more

Heart: illustrated anatomy

Leave a comment down below! They are known as the superior vena cava and inferior vena cava.

  • Chambers of the Heart The heart contains 4 chambers: the , , , and.

  • The innermost layer of the heart wall, the endocardium, is joined to the myocardium with a thin layer of connective tissue.

Heart: Anatomy

About 1% of the cardiac muscle cells in the heart are responsible for forming the conduction system that sets the pace for the rest of the cardiac muscle cells.

  • The chordae tendineae prevent the valve leaflets from prolapsing into the left atrium.

  • The lateral surfaces fuse with the mediastinal pleura.

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