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Finance Twitter makes shocking claim, says it knows why Muhyiddin did not include Hadi Awang in Saudi trip

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Hadi Awang is not the problem

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Malaysia's Islamist party PAS puts faith before integrity in choice of leaders

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Awang hadi Hadi Awang

Hadi Awang Has Just Admitted That PM Muhyiddin Did Not Have The Numbers In Parliament

According to Abdul Hadi, he is open to anyone chosen by Muhyiddin and he will support that person.

  • Exactly why is it so hard for Muhyiddin to show that he has the majority, so much so that he had to delay the March 9 sitting to May 18 — more than 2 months away? I respect believers of all kinds and work to promote interfaith dialogue, but my whole life I've seen religion used as a weapon, and I'm putting all weapons down.

  • Umno's supreme council, its highest decision making body, will meet on Wednesday evening Jan 6 and could decide whether to continue working with Bersatu.

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