Ng chin chai bam - BAM to organise internal tournaments to rank and keep juniors on their toes

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Misbun resigns from BAM

Bam chai ng chin BAM secretary:

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Bam chai ng chin William Toh,

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Bam chai ng chin BAM to

Bam chai ng chin BAM aim

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Bam chai ng chin Badminton: BAM:

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  • He selects the players and monitors the coaches.

  • We need a supremo to really handle and have a say in coaching and training matters someone with the solid background of this sport.

Is BAM going in the right direction?


  • No Moderator Cheung, I think what pajrul meant was this batch of players apart from the youngsters that just made transition from junior level to senior's already has experience in international tourneys, but they still far behind compared to same batch, even younger batches from China, Indonesia, Japan.

  • Chin Chai said it would be the second internal junior ranking competition this year after the first one in April, adding that the players in the Under-16 and Under-14 categories had undergone intensive training the past few weeks after reporting for duty at the academy since late July.