Icarly revival - Season 1 (Revival)

Revival icarly 'iCarly' Reboot

Revival icarly 'iCarly' revival

Revival icarly 'iCarly' Review:

Revival icarly iCarly (TV

Revival icarly Jennette McCurdy

Revival icarly iCarly (2021)

Revival icarly Season 2

Revival icarly iCarly Revival

Revival icarly 'iCarly' Ending

Revival icarly 'iCarly' Revival:

What to know before you watch the new 'iCarly' reboot

The revival is set in the present day and fans are counting down the seconds to find out where the iCarly gang is now following the show's cliff-hanger ending back in 2012.

  • At the end of the original iCarly, fans got everything they were hoping for and more.

  • Whether Lewbert deserves it or not, it doesn't make Carly innocent.

iCarly Revival in the Works Starring Miranda Cosgrove

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  • But the ups and downs aren't over yet.

  • They have what is very near to an in an early episode of Season 2.

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