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Coronavirus: Who are considered 'essential' workers?

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Who are essential workers?: A comprehensive look at their wages, demographics, and unionization rates

Economically, healthcare markets are marked by a few distinct factors.

  • And the faithful who believe their presence at a religious services is essential may be relieved to learn it's not in a blizzard.

  • On the other hand, the management of a joint-stock company depends on a group of directors who are elected representatives of the shareholders.

Who's an essential employee in a snowstorm?

As shown in Table 1, a majority of essential workers by these definitions are employed in health care 30% , food and agriculture 20% , and the industrial, commercial, residential facilities and services industry 12%.

  • Now, the pandemic, many essential workers are still risking their lives without basic health and safety protections, paid leave, or premium pay.

  • For example, a pharmaceutical industry will require the shipment of its medicines to the people who consume them, and for that purpose it goes to a transport company instead of doing it by itself, thus receiving transport services.