Dimple cheema - Shershaah writer: In 4 years, Dimple Cheema spent just 40 days with Vikram Batra

Cheema dimple Vikram Batra

Cheema dimple Dimple Cheema

Cheema dimple Dimple Cheema

'Dimple Cheema said she knew Vikram Batra for 4 years but spent only 40 days together': Shershaah writer

Cheema dimple Capt. Vikram

Cheema dimple Dimple Cheema

Where Is Dimple Cheema Now? Latest Photos, Age & Wikipedia Biography

Cheema dimple डिंपल चीमा

Vishal Batra Recalls What Dimple Cheema Had Told Him Six Days Before His Brother Vikram's Death

Cheema dimple Told Dimple

Reel Vs Real: Vikram Batra

Cheema dimple Captain Vikram

Shershaah writer says Dimple Cheema told him she spent only 40 days with Capt Vikram Batra: ‘We captured their essence’

Cheema dimple Dimple Cheema

Dimple Cheema

Cheema dimple Love Story

Dimple Cheema Wanted To Live With Vikram's Memories, Said Captain Vikram Batra's Parents

Captain Vikram Batra Birth Anniversary: All About The Kargil War Hero's Love Dimple Cheema

Vikram was everything to me.

  • The love and understanding between the two got stinger with time.

  • Apart from being a courageous officer of the Indian Army, Captain Batra was a boy from the small hill town of Palampur in Himachal Pradesh, who was arrested in the love of Dimple Cheema.

Who is Dimple Cheema, whom SherShaah had ‘promised’ before leaving for Kargil, Captain Vikram Batra

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  • After Caption Vikram Batra was martyred in the Kargil War, 1999, Dimple Cheema vowed to not marry anyone else.

  • Kargil War hero Captain Vikram Batra's parents, Giridhar Lal Batra and Kamal Kanta Batra, have said that they told his fiancee Dimple Cheema to move on with her life after he died, but she refused.

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