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Laksa laksa

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Laksa Laksa

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Laksa laksa

Laksa Recipe

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Laksa Easy Malaysian

5 Best Laksa in Singapore (2022) That Every Local Love

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Chicken Laksa Recipe

But use whichever you prefer.

  • A trip to your favorite Asian market will set you back just a few dollars, in return for a package of dry vermicelli rice noodles, a jar of laksa curry paste you can also use Thai red curry paste if that's all you find , 2 stalks of fresh lemongrass or 1 tablespoon freeze-dried lemongrass , dried kaffir lime leaves, and fish sauce.

  • Ladle the soup over the noodles, ensuring each person gets some chicken and at least 3 shrimp.

Homemade Laksa Paste

I have been searching far and wide for a good laksa recipe.

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  • Fragrant, rich and spicy.