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Caklempong A Malaysian

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.: The StoRy of CakLemPonG :.

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Melody: After hearing a piece of music, we usually remember its melody best.

  • Jaya Shopping Center, Live Weaving Demonstrations In celebration of nostalgia, family togetherness and kampung living, Mid Valley Megamall recreates a lively kampong atmosphere this Raya at its center concourse with festive performances, demonstrations, and workshops.

  • Terdapat juga gong yang diperbuat daripada gangsa bercampur timah.

Caklempong takes on Kpop in viral Blackpink cover

The music of Caklempong is now accepted by the Malaysian plural society as a music heritage owned by all the people of this country.

  • Rebana merupakan sejenis gendang satu muka yang berbentuk seperti pasu.

  • In the wedding ceremony, caklempong is also used to enliven the ceremony.