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Let It Go Lyrics

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"LET IT GO" LYRICS by WASIS DIOP: Some people say "Don't...

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It go lyrics let Frozen [OST]

Frozen [OST]

I never paid much attention to the lyrics.

  • Turn my back and slam the door And here I stand, and here I'll stay Let it go, let it go The cold never bothered me anyway, oh Let it go! The cold never bothered me anyway Elsa: There's so much I longed to say Anna: Then say it all, beginning with today Elsa: It's like a dream I thought could never be Anna: Elsa, you're free! My main concerns is that children at age 13 will take these words literally and walk out thinking that it will be better there.

  • She has not removed her fears, she has only focused them on something other than her powers.

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  • It was completely ludicrous, my mind told me, yet I was guilty of living in sin for years because of this idea.

  • I would even note: Especially in the context of this song.

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