Lisa bvlgari - BLACKPINK's Lisa Turns A BVLGARI Event In Rome Into Her Own Fanmeeting As Everyone Wants To See The Idol

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Blackpink’s Lisa joins star

Bvlgari lisa Justice Demanded

Bvlgari lisa Lisa (Blackpink)

Blackpink's Lisa STOPPED from attending Paris Fashion Week events by YG Entertainment

Bvlgari lisa BLACKPINK's Lisa

Bvlgari lisa Justice Demanded

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BVLGARI accessories are cute! Introducing BLACKPINK Lisa’s “ice cream” fashion! !

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Bvlgari lisa Blackpink's Lisa

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YG Entertainment Pulls BLACKPINK's Lisa Out From BVLGARI Events And Photoshoots In Paris

So what is Lisa going to do in France? Lisa stans are especially more in number on twitter and I have seen Jennie getting slutshamed by them more than rest of all fandoms combined, Jennie stans had to find an excuse to jump on Lisa but Lisa akgaes will just come up with an excuse and use their sheer numbers to convince ppl that it is truth.

  • Seriously, if you look at his event and campaign posts, the comments are wild from fans.

  • Jennie's akgaes were looking for an excuse to jump on Lisa and they found one.