Unisex condom - World's First Unisex Condom Is Created.

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Gynecologist Invents World's First Unisex Condom

Condom unisex Gynecologist Invents

unisex condom created by Wondaleaf

Condom unisex Gynecologist Invents

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Condom unisex Gynecologist Invents

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Condom unisex Malaysian gynaecologist

Condom unisex World's first

Malaysian doctor creates world's first unisex condom

Made out of polyurethane, a material usually used in transparent wound dressings, each box of Wondaleaf Unisex Condom that contains two condoms will cost 14.

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  • It has a transparent film that can cover the penis or vagina and then an adhesive film that fixes it in place.

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