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Chapter 1017 Thoughts/Theory : OnePiece

Piece 1017 one 【ONE PIECE】1017話「号令」の感想・考察まとめ|ゴムゴムの実の秘密とは?【ワンピース】

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Piece 1017 one 【ONE PIECE】1017話「号令」の感想・考察まとめ|ゴムゴムの実の秘密とは?【ワンピース】

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'One Piece' Chapter 1017 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date, Predictions And More

Piece 1017 one One Piece

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One Piece Chapter #1017 Recap & Spoilers: The Order

Another obvious choice, but seriously, if the Pirate King, a person so huge was the previous user of the Gomu Gomu fruit, someone would've told Luffy already.

  • Tama ends up fainting in fear and and run to her aid.

  • Since "One Piece" 1017 will release on June 27, unofficial spoilers and raw scans might surface online sometime between June 22 and June 26.