Dahyun twice - TWICE Dahyun Stuns People with Her Unbelievably Tiny Waist

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Kim Da Hyun (김다현)

Twice dahyun Dahyun (Twice)

Dahyun (Twice) Facts and Profile, Dahyun’s Ideal Type (Updated!)

Twice dahyun Dahyun (Twice)

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Twice dahyun Kim Da

Twice dahyun Dahyun (TWICE)

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Twice dahyun TWICE Dahyun

Dahyun (TWICE)

Before Dahyun started a career as a famous K-pop idol, she already had a strong passion for performing arts since she was just a child.

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TWICE Dahyun Stuns People with Her Unbelievably Tiny Waist

In November 2018, Dahyun was criticized by right-wing Japanese lawmaker Masaru Onodera for wearing a T-shirt made by Marymond, an organization that raises funds for helping , victims of by the during.

  • In 's annual music poll for 2017, Dahyun was voted as the seventeenth most popular in South Korea.

  • Dahyun accessorizes her outfit with a pale pink bag and beige heels.

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