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Badang sir Sirfetch’d Pokémon:

Badang sir Badang

Badang sir Badang The


Badang sir Sirfetch’d Pokémon:

Singapore Stone

Badang sir The Singapore


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Badang sir Badang

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The Singapore Stone

After his meal he again set out for Johor-lama.

  • Begbie went on to speculate that the monument installed over Badang's grave was the sandstone slab at the mouth of the Singapore River, and that the inscription contained a recital of Badang's feats.

  • Sang Lapan saw the gift which was a very beautiful pair of shoes.

Malay Annals / Sejarah Melayu: Chapter 06

Local traders also adorned the banks, selling tin, hornbills beaks and cotton.

  • When he checked his tins later, the blood turned completely solid.

  • With the help of Awang Khenit, Si Bongkok was arrested and imprisoned.