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Draken mikey x Draken

Draken mikey x Đọc Draken

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Draken mikey x Đọc truyện

Anon requested: Mikey, Draken, twins Kawata and... :

Draken mikey x Mikey x

Draken mikey x Draken

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Draken mikey x Anon requested:

•He Is Mine.

Draken mikey x Draken

Download Tokyo Revengers Mikey And Draken Wallpaper

Kazutora tells him he's stopping this, because Takemichi's wedding is in three days, and he wouldn't know what to do with himself if anything happened to Takemichi.

  • Mikey then goes on to say that if he ever loses himself, he wants Takemichi to scold him, like Shinichiro would have.

  • Izana shields Kisaki, and Takemichi rushes at both of them.

C'est encore l'heure du thé. : Hey bestie pls can I request some argument hcs for...

And I'll protect Mikey from that!!! He tells Mikey that he will definitely save him, and that no matter what happens, he'll go back to the past as many times, as much as he needs to - to which Mikey says that he can't even time travel, and says that he didn't want to meet him, and that he didn't want this to happen.

  • Mikey asking Takemichi to save him.

  • Takemichi then thinks that Mikey isn't a bad person.

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