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意思 idiot idiot中文_idiot是什么意思

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和 和 和 和有什么不一样?

烙英文嗆爆!4種「白癡」用法 跟idiot完全沒關係

We can bring mercy and tenderness to those places, to the wounded parts, so that the war inside can stop.

  • Until then we are like selfish human animals, concerned only with ourselves and our own survival and uninterested in the survival of anyone else.

  • Did you ever feel you were knocking your head against the wall when dealing with certain friends or relatives who you keep trying to help? In other words, more than compassion, we also need to see with awareness and discrimination.

The Big Difference Between Idiot and Wise Compassion

This is a more subtle point, but sometimes we can get so impelled to give that we forget why we are giving or what is actually needed.

  • Wer sich während der öffentlich dem Nichtstun widmete, wurde bestraft.

  • Historically persons with intellectual disabilities have been deprived of certain rights as in not being allowed to vote.