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Bear or Bare (Witness, Fruit, the Brunt)


Meaning bare bair, bare,

bair, bare, bear at Homophone

Meaning bare bair, bare,

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What is Bare Metal?

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Meaning bare Too Much

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What does BARE mean?

Many things can be described as bare, including bare facts, bare hands, the bare minimum, bare essentials, bare wood, a bare blade, a bare tree, or the bare necessities of life.

  • I'm scared to think about when we will have run out diapers and milk.

  • She was bare from the waist up.

Bare or Bear?

Meaning Bearmeans to carry, endure, support or give birth.

  • The Research and Postgraduate Office shall be responsible for the organisation of the oral examination and shall notify the student, all supervisors, the independent chair and the examiners of the arrangements for the oral examination.

  • Sorry, I should bear that in mind.