Putrajaya lake - Taman Wetland Putrajaya (Wetlands Park)

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Lake putrajaya KELAB TASIK

Lake putrajaya Astana Residence,

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Lake putrajaya Putraja Lake

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All You Need To Know About Putrajaya Lake

Lake putrajaya Putrajaya Lake

Lake putrajaya Putrajaya Lake

Putrajaya Lake

Lake putrajaya Cruise Tasik

Lake putrajaya Putrajaya Lake



So we had to take a taxi to the station KLIA Metro.

  • This is where all the greens and modern architectural wonders intertwine seamlessly and form the largest landmark in Malaysia! The etymology of the city is derived from the , which was then adopted into ; "putra" पुत्र means son and "jaya" जया means "success" or "victory"; hence Putrajaya means victorious men or people.

  • Watersports Facilities If you are into water sports, you will be able to rent the clubhouse facilities such as the canoes, the kayaks and a wide range of boats.

Taman Wetland Putrajaya (Wetlands Park)

The ambience by the lake as beautiful and dining by the lake was great too! ±% 2010 68,361 — 2015 88,300 +29.

  • Over the years, the Putrajaya Lake has served as an important center for many international water sporting activities starting from the F1 Powerboat World Championship in 2004, the 2005 Asian Canoeing Championship followed by the Red Bull Air Races in 2014 and the SEA Games - 29 in 2017.

  • After a briefing on how to steer and manoeuvre on the board, you have free reign for about two hours.

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