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Trollhunter Trollhunters

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Trollhunter Trollhunters: 15

Trollhunters (Western Animation)

The Three-Headed Giant is a reference to the Ettin of folklore and popular fantasy.

  • It is written and directed by and features a mixed cast of relatively unknown actors and well-known Norwegian comedians, including.

  • Being the first human trollhunter doesn't exactly warrant much confidence in the people he is sworn to protect either.

Trollhunter: The Wonderfully Ridiculous Found Footage Movie

Kelsey Grammer Emile Hirsch Charlie Saxton Lexi Medrano Jonathan Hyde Fred Tatasciore Anton Yelchin Ike Amadi Rodrigo Blaas David Bradley Clancy Brown Brook Chalmers Guillermo del Toro Grey Griffin Mark Hamill Chad Hammes Lena Headey Anjelica Huston Tom Kenny Amy Landecker Steven Yeun Ron Perlman Laraine Newman James Purefoy.

  • As a troll, he was much stronger than any human, and thanks to his four arms, he could do things only a few others were able to.

  • Said play is an undercurrent subplot of Season One's first half, and part of the resolution of that half's plot threads sees the completion of the play.