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Thor: Love and Thunder Adds Lady Sif

Sif lady Lady Sif

Sif lady Lady Sif

Sif lady Thor: Love

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Sif lady The bizarre

Lady Sif

Sif lady Sif

Sif lady Marvel's Thor

Sif lady The bizarre

Sif lady Sif (Marvel)

Sif lady Lady Sif

Lady Sif Loki Episode 4 Cameo

This increased tissue density also contributes somewhat to her physical strength.

  • Gnori would commend Sif's senses favorably and compare them to her brother Heimdall.

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'Thor's Jaimie Alexander Reveals What Goes Under Lady Sif's Armor

She originally possessed blond hair, but she was cut bald by and was given new black hair by the dwarf king Eitri.

  • He told her that he didn't think the body holding Sif's essence would survive the transference.

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