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CovidNow: Over 785,000 children in Malaysia fully vaxxed

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CovidNow: Over 30pc of children in Malaysia have received first jab

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Malaysia records 413 Covid

A total of 321,342 doses of the vaccine were dispensed on Wednesday, with 30,860 administered as the first dose and 197,994 doses given as a second dose, bringing the number of doses dispensed under the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme to 41,247,271.

  • Penang health committee chairman Dr Norlela Ariffin said the administering of the booster dose for front line workers and senior citizens should be sped up to better protect them from Covid-19.

  • This is followed by Kedah 54 , Johor 52 , Sabah 39 , Kelantan 36 , Penang 33 , Negri Sembilan 29 , Pahang 15 , Melaka 13 , Perak 13 , Kuala Lumpur eight , Sarawak five and Terengganu five.