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Downloader yt YT Saver

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The software is reliable and highly capable when it comes to preserving the video or audio quality.

  • This platform has been visited around 6 billion hours monthly.

  • We do have some popups and a bit of ads, but this is a necessity these days to support the website, support the background array of servers needed to process all the video info and help you get the link to save it to your laptop or desktop, even smartphone.

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This will only work good on desktops and laptops, because apparently bookmarks are not something smartphone browser makers think important, so they made them really hard to find, and it's just a pain to use them on mobile devices.

  • You can also pause downloads and then resume them at a later time, and you can preview part of a file you're downloading to make sure that what you're getting is actually what you were after.

  • It is a very simple process, just give it a try.