Mrt 3 route malaysia - Since MRT 3 (Circle Line) is planned to resume in #Bajet2021, here are the possible alignment and stations of MRT Circle Line, subject to changes in plan. : malaysia

3 malaysia mrt route Transport minister:

3 malaysia mrt route MRT Line


3 malaysia mrt route MRT 3

3 malaysia mrt route Mrt Line

MRT3 Circle Line being reviewed, govt studying funding options, decision by mid

3 malaysia mrt route MRT3 Circle

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3 malaysia mrt route MRT Circle

Mrt Malaysia Route Map

3 malaysia mrt route ‘MRT3 route

3 malaysia mrt route Since MRT

3 malaysia mrt route MRT 3

3 malaysia mrt route Mass Transit


Some stations, such as , are connected at concourse level to nearby buildings, such as shopping malls, for easier accessibility.

  • Prior to the current fares levels, fares were set on July 15, 2000, under the orders of then President Estrada; this was intended to have the line become competitive against other modes of transport, but had the effect of causing revenue shortfalls which the government shouldered.

  • The line is expected to be numbered 13 and coloured grey on transit map.

MRT Circle Line (MRT Line 3)

Mrt line 2 map ssp line.

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  • Since November 19, 2001, in cooperation with the , passengers are offered copies of the , a free, -size, version of the Inquirer, which is available at all stations.