Hassanal bolkiah - Hassanal Bolkiah Car Collection

Bolkiah hassanal Sultan of

Bolkiah hassanal 25 Cars

Bolkiah hassanal Hassanal Bolkiah

Bolkiah hassanal Brunei's Sultan

Bolkiah hassanal Meet Sultan

Bolkiah hassanal Hassanal Bolkiah

Bolkiah hassanal Sultan of

Bolkiah hassanal Brunei's Sultan

Here's what Sultan of BruneiHassanal Bolkiah's daughter wore at her wedding

Bolkiah hassanal Hassanal Bolkiah,

Bolkiah hassanal Meet Hassanal

Hassanal Bolkiah Car Collection

25 Cars From The Sultan Of Brunei’s Extensive Collection

Due to the secretive nature of the state and the blurred lines as to where the royal family's finances and the state finances began and ended, establishing the true course of events is very difficult.

  • They're flexible and good at improvising.

  • After a huge backlash from celebrities and Western governments alike, the sultan , promising that the punishment will not be enforced.

Sultan of Brunei: Everything We Know About His Lavish Life

It made World Guinness Records as the largest residential palace.

  • In accordance with the settlement agreement signed in 2000, the prince began to return his assets to the state, including more than 500 properties, both in Brunei and abroad, about 2500 cars, 100 paintings, five boats, and nine aircraft.

  • In February 2000 the Bruneian government attempted to obtain a freezing order on Prince Jefri's overseas assets, which led to him countersuing in New York.

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