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Along with the extensive Alien world-building came some stellar three-dimensional character development for Ripley, a rare feat for women in creature feature sci-fi horror movies.

  • Most of the Aliens seen to date have been human-spawned, but a number of Aliens born from other hosts have also been seen.

  • As you might expect, the result is pretty much a big ol' mess of an awkward, unformed film that barely feels at home in the Alien franchise.

Alien complete timeline, from Prometheus to Alien Resurrection

This design is kept in the Alien vs.

  • Neill Blomkamp was slated to direct Alien 5 back in 2015, but the film was shelved when Scott announced his plans to make another prequel.

  • Dan O'Bannon initially conceived the facehugger as somewhat resembling an octopus, possessing tentacles.