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2 animajor dota Dota 2

The Animajor Wild Card: The story of six teams competing for glory

2 animajor dota Dota 2

2 animajor dota 基辅到敖德萨距离

2 animajor dota Dota 2

2 animajor dota WePlay AniMajor

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WePlay AniMajor playoff predictions by talent and community figures

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WePlay AniMajor to feature 3 new regional league teams, shakeup in seeding compared to One Esports Singapore

2 animajor dota Dota 2

WePlay AniMajor Preview: Teams, Prize Pool, and More


The event will kick off on June 2 with its Wild Card stage followed by the Group Stage on June 4 and the Playoffs that will go from June 9 until June 13.

  • So far, the Luna pick has served them well.

  • It was also revealed that the reason behind the postponement of the Dota 2match was because Miracle felt extremely unwell.

The AniMajor is the best

Nerf Medusa plz— Peter Dager Peterpandam Dota 2 Majors bring forth new metas and playstyles as teams whip out their secret strategies.

  • On the support side, there a couple of notable standouts.

  • Nigma have a good shot at reaching the group stage based on their previous performance during the season.