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Eagle philippine Philippine eagle

Interesting Facts about the Philippine Eagle

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Eagle philippine Brief History

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Creating a New Chapter of Hope for One of the World’s Most Endangered Eagles

Eagle philippine Philippine Eagle

Philippine Eagle

Eagle philippine Brief History

Eagle philippine Philippine Eagle

Saving the Philippine Eagle from Extinction

Eagle philippine Interesting Facts

Eagle philippine Philippine eagle

Eagle philippine Philippine Eagle:

The Philippine Eagle (And Why It Should Not Be Called Monkey

Want to suggest a critter for me to write about? They have been reported to capture young and small.

  • They are monogamous Animals are often great examples when it comes to loyalty.

  • Even nests have no predators other than humans, as even known nest predators such as palm civets and macaques being prey species are likely to actively avoid any area with regular eagle activity.

The Philippine Eagle

The first captive-bred bird to be released in the wild, Kabayan, was released in 2004 on Mindanao; however, he was accidentally electrocuted in January 2005.

  • The Philippine eagle is a giant raptor.

  • It can grow up to 3 feet and its wingspan can extend up to 7 feet.