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Tapau, trobek, uolls: How well do you know the Malaysian slang?

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14 Slang Exclamations We Use in Malaysia (and How To Use Them)

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In malay jargon Malay language,

Culture of Malaysia

In malay jargon Malay language,

14 Colors In Malay: Basic Tips You Must Not Miss Out!

14 Colors In Malay: Basic Tips You Must Not Miss Out!

Semua manusia dilahirkan bebas dan sama rata dari segi maruah dan hak-hak.

  • The language is extremely diversified.

  • Since you've known the meaning of the first word in this term, allow me to explain the second one.

Top 50 Best Malay Slang Words You Must Know In 2022

Suddenly, you feel your hair prickles up as you sense a malicious pair of eyes peering from behind and caught you red-handed.

  • I left the meeting minute at the store just now! The history of the Malay language can be divided into five periods: Old Malay, the Transitional Period, the Malacca Period Classical Malay , Late Modern Malay and Modern Malay.

  • The channel has both basic Malay instructional videos and regular Malay-language ones.

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