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A quick guide to filing tax returns for individuals — Christy Tan

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Malay in due date Business Income

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Extension Due Date On Tax Matters During Movement Control Order (Latest Update: 6th May 2020)

✓ Tax Day Deadline April 15 Changed to Due April 18, 2022

Expect form e from your company soon, and make sure you finish filing your taxes before the deadline on 31 march 2022 for the year of assessment 2021! On 29 May 2021, Sarawak's government imposed a stricter lockdown for two weeks until June 11.

  • Owing to earlier contact with the , Malay words—such as dalam hati sympathy , luwalhati glory , tengah hari midday , sedap delicious —have evolved and been integrated into and other.

  • Don't be Penny Wise and Tax Foolish! They are a common source of confusion and uncertainty.

2022 income tax return filing programme issued

All Malaysian patents with filing date on or after 01 August 2001 have a maximum term of 20 years, calculated from the filing date.

  • Malay does not make use of , and there are only a few words that use natural gender; the same word is used for 'he' and 'she' which is dia or for 'his' and 'her' which is dia punya.

  • This allows more businesses to be opened up, such as stationary and book shops, computer and telecommunication outlets, barberstores only for haircuts , farmers' markets, and morning markets.

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