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RTK-Ag Rapid Test Kit- Antigen is also known as ART Antigen Rapid Test Covid-19 Tests at Malaysian Airports KLIA and KLIA2 More info: Opening hours for BP Healthcare Covid Screening Centre KLIA: 24 hours and KLIA2: 4am-7pm Upon disembarking, passengers who have opted to use the Health Screening Centre Service at KLIA and KLIA2 will be ushered to the testing facility where the passengers can wait comfortably at lounges.

  • Please remember that the COVID-19 self kit is just a screening test.

  • It provides an aid in the diagnosis of infection with 2019-nCOV.

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It is recommended this test be performed under the supervision of another adult if it is for children, the elderly and individuals with disabilities to avoid errors.

  • And test berulang day 1, day 3, day 5 best.

  • Antigen detection is used for auxiliary diagnosis or.