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Humans Might Regrow Limbs in Your Lifetime — for Now, It's Frogs, Mice

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Humans Might Regrow Limbs in Your Lifetime — for Now, It's Frogs, Mice

Can the internal dynamics of a sensor extract specific features of a time-varying signal? Murugan+ Neural Computation 2020 , , , , A.

  • On D3-brane potentials in compactifications with fluxes and wrapped D-branes in collaboration with: D.

  • Murugan Cell Systems 2019, 459—465.

Vivek's close friend and manager actor Cell Murugan's emotional post is heart wrenching

The mice grew new bones, but like Murugan's frogs, their new limbs did not form joints.

  • At this transition, you achieve, loosely speaking, 80% of the max possible error-correction at only 20% of the max speed cost.

  • However, we found that a proofreading mechanism can act differently in different energy bands, reducing occupancy of unstable states in a given energy band while increasing the occupancy of less stable higher energy states 'anti-proofreading'.

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