China rocket - China launches first Long March rocket with solid boosters

Rocket china Chinese rocket

Rocket china Long March


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China Rocket: Space debris found in rural India likely from 'China rocket'

Rocket china China Announces

China launches rocket from space platform into near space

Rocket china China launches

Chinese rocket to tumble back to Earth in uncontrolled re

Rocket china Chinese rocket

China breaks silence on tumbling rocket, claims 'extremely low risk' of damage on Earth

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Rocket china Chinese rocket

China says most Long March rocket debris burned up during reentry

Rocket china China Announces

Chinese Artillery Rockets

We had sent junior officials to every village in the district to find if more parts of objects, if any, are lying scattered.

  • Self-propelled type is divided into crawler type and wheeled type.

  • As of early Monday May 10 , the White House had not released a statement about the Chinese incident, although earlier in the week, said it was closely monitoring what would happen and in space debris.