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Edward P. Schwartz: strategic litigation support for jury trials, civil and criminal

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EPS Thailand: Trusted Recruitment Agency in Bangkok

Consultants eps EPS Consultants

Consultants eps EPS

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#1 Trusted IT Recruitment Agency in the Philippines 2021

We are a Joint-Stock company, the majority of its shareholders are the affiliated companies to the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy.

  • Will jurors likely be confused without visual aids?.

  • We know that every job is unique in its own way, and we have the solutions you are searching for.

EPS Japan : Recruitment Agency

We are a preferred partner for local and global companies.

  • Do not disclose your bank account details, or make any monetary transactions to these parties.

  • Can you afford not to have this kind of expertise on your side? We maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity to ensure the safety and success of our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate—regardless of project size or scope.

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