Zhurong rover - How does China's Mars rover cope with winter on the Red Planet?

Rover zhurong China’s Zhurong

China’s Zhurong rover sends a selfie from Mars

Rover zhurong NASA Spots

Rover zhurong China's Zhurong

China’s Zhurong rover returns landing footage and sounds from Mars

Rover zhurong Data from

Rover zhurong China releases

China’s Zhurong Rover Begins Roaming Mars

Rover zhurong China’s Zhurong

China’s Zhurong Rover Took A Wireless Camera To Mars And Snapped An Adorable Group Photo

Rover zhurong Zhurong (Rover)

Rover zhurong Zhurong Rover

China releases new images from Zhurong rover to mark 100 days on Mars

Rover zhurong NASA Spots

Rover zhurong China’s Zhurong

Zhurong (Rover)

China's Zhurong rover reveals how weather and ancient water altered rocks on Mars

Looking out across Utopia Planitia, snapping a 360° circle from its navigation terrain camera on the rover's mast.

  • CNSA China's rover is exploring Utopia Planitia, a large plains area.

  • The results show that regions of Mars that the rover trundled over have properties similar to those of compact, sandy soil on Earth.

China's Mars rover Zhurong just snapped an epic self

Retrieved 21 July 2021.

  • Now, initial data collected by the rover suggests that the site has been subject to long periods of weathering in the past by wind, and maybe even water.

  • Zhurong, which has been since last month, is to match the Chinese name for Mars, Huoxing, which means planet of fire.

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