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Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Connaught (2)

2 sjkc connaught Chap Ayam


2 sjkc connaught Sekolah Jenis

SRK (C) Connaught 2

2 sjkc connaught Sjkc Taman

2 sjkc connaught Sekolah Jenis

Chap Ayam Runners a.k.a CAR: SJK (C) Connaught 2 Charity Run 2010

2 sjkc connaught Sekolah Jenis

2 sjkc connaught Bandar Damai

2 sjkc connaught SJK (C)

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2 sjkc connaught PIMSO

SJK(C) Textbooks

SJK (C) Taman Connaught

Name ryan choong kai le.

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Sjkc Taman Connaught / Majlis Guru Besar Sjkc Wp Kl Sjk C Taman Connaught 康乐华小 : Sjkc taman connaught's profile, including times, results, recruiting, news and more.

The following are the main points: - - The main usage of the desktop is for presentation of teaching materials.

  • The school now had 2300 students in forty seven classroom.

  • A copy of the letter is attached.