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Did Dan Schneider abuse these Nickelodeon stars? Expose the allegations

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That Creep Dan Schneider Finally Got Fired From Nickelodeon

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Dr. Dan Schneider

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10 Forgotten Facts About The Dan Schneider Scandal

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Dan Schneider in the 90's

Everyone seemed to know about this, but he was still employed, still active in Hollywood, still on twitter fucking tweeting benign stupid little tweets.

  • We started to talk about it and everyone had some other kind of anecdote they had heard about him doing some grimy shit.

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Whats up with Dan Schneider and feet? : OutOfTheLoop

Words such as; what you saw, where you saw it, how often you saw it.

  • I could link tweet after tweet that he suggests he was at best a disgusting creep, and at worst, a serial pedophile who ruined the lives of many.

  • His father name is, Harry and mother named, Carol Schneider.

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