Zahir jaffer - Zahir Jaffer Sentenced to Death for Noor Mukadam’s Murder

Jaffer zahir Tycoon’s son

Jaffer zahir Pak Industrialist's

Jaffer zahir Here is

Jaffer zahir Pak Industrialist's

Murder of Noor Mukadam

Jaffer zahir Tycoon’s son

Jaffer zahir US national

Jaffer zahir Murder of

Noor murder case: Is famous brand 'Jafferjees' related to Zahir Jaffer?

Jaffer zahir Zahir Jaffer

Jaffer zahir As Socialite

Jaffer zahir Noor Mukadam

The Crime & The Criminal! Haunting Details Of What Zahir Did To Noor Will Leave You Restless

Did he give that out as a bribe? The PM has asked the IGP of Islamabad to not make any concessions in probing the case.

  • We have heard many a times of cannibalistic situations where men have set precedents in hurting, torturing or killing women.

  • After he kept on resisting, four policemen carried Zahir out and took him back to the lockup.