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Plate um number 馬來西亞特殊車輛號牌

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Plate um number 馬來西亞特殊車輛號牌

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For a full list of Irish codes, see.

  • For example, you should not use fixing bolts to change the letter or any of the numbers.

  • It was seen as an aid to consumer protection.

Universiti Malaya is auctioning number plate series to raise funds, bid starts from 8 March

For example: 101 D 101 identifies the first registration allocated to the Afghanistan embassy and 900 X 400 is a registration allocated to the Commonwealth Secretariat.

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  • In the years following expulsion, the Singaporean number plate system evolved independently with changing prefix systems since 1972, culminating to the reintroduction of the S series for private cars in 1984, the inclusion of a fourth checksum letter, and varied colour schemes for different classes of vehicles.