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Naruto yota Sayomi Yota

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Naruto yota Sayomi Yota

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Yota's Clan

Despite this desire bringing him in direct opposition to Sasuke, Naruto continued down this path, resolving to end both the Fourth Shinobi World War and the cycle of hatred.

  • One day, while playing a game of hiding, Yota insisted to hide with Naruto.

  • The most infamous of these is that fight with Pain.


Naruto's preferred tactic is fighting in unison with his shadow clones to help him.

  • After learning that all knowledge and experiences shadow clones gain will be transferred back to the user once they disperse, Naruto would frequently employ this to complete years' worth of training in days.

  • Dia juga sangat sensitif, mudah dibuat sedih dan pada akhirnya akan menangis.

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