Taliban news - Taliban official says executions, amputations will return

News taliban Taliban leaves

News taliban UN experts

News taliban Taliban

News taliban Taliban news

News taliban Taliban bans

News taliban 2 Afghan

Taliban Hail New Talks With US, Say Time For ‘Practical Steps’ to Resolve Issues

News taliban Taliban Hail

News taliban Taliban Hail

Taliban News

News taliban Watch: Video

News taliban Watch: Video

UN experts blame Taliban and US sanctions for suffering of Afghanistan women

On April 26, 1865, Sergeant Thomas P.

  • A still from the graphic video showing the shooting.

  • They threw water in his face.

Taliban executes Afghan special forces soldiers: video

Azimi said he holds the Taliban in contempt.

  • New requirements also included the reintroduction of the burqa—traditional clothing that covers most of the body and face.

  • The news came as a surprise after an earlier indication from the country's education ministry that all Afghan children would be able to return to classrooms, and it left many students in tears.

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