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Rocky (2021 film)

And as for the role, every fight sequence is so impressive, especially considering the actor started out as a comedian.

  • Aktuálně je podle něj na řadě navýšení slevy na dítě, rodičovský příspěvek je až záloha na dobu, jestli bude ještě hůř.

  • Role-playing is rampant in The Power of the Dog, a Western in which burdens of expectation are almost as deadly as the true selves lurking within.

Short Film: Curve (2021)

Texas High School Shorts A preview of the next filmmaking generation, as Texas High Schoolers present shorts of 5 minutes or less.

  • As we see flashbacks to that tale, fact veers into myth, and a queen with supernatural powers goes into battle.

  • Rocky escapes along with Amutha's daughter after knocking Manimaran and Thanraj where they leave for Malli's village.