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Who is Miranda Derrick, the Dancer & Wife of James Derrick?

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I was 'swindled out of $4M by alleged TikTok cult run by parasite leader who brainwashes members with satanic threats'

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What Is The Shekinah Church? Miranda Derrick's Family Fear She Is In A Cult

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One Famed TikToker’s Family Believes She’s Being Held Hostage In Hollywood

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Miranda Derrick Husband James Derrick Age Wiki & Net Worth

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Is TikTokker Miranda Derrick Being Held Hostage by a Cult Called 7M?

In accordance with public data, he was listed on LLC paperwork for Studio on the Mount, Shinn Leisure, Glory Luggage Data, in addition to a number of different firms.

  • After the Wilkings posted their video, Derrick and Miranda have both issued public statements denying they are in a cult.

  • According to posts by the Wilkings and other people who say their friends work with 7M, the company, which specializes in social media dance videos, is isolating clients from their friends and family.

TikTok dancer's family claims she's 'victim' of LA

Miranda Derrick also got an Ace Tik Tok Comedian badge.

  • Robert Shinn, is also the Pastor of Shekinah Church.

  • The followers of the Seven Mountain Mandate claim their job is to overtake education, religion, businesses, government, entertainment, family and the media, sanitizing them all of witchcraft or demons, according to Gawker.

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