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Who is Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Meet Nick Fury's Lover

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Mengenal Val di Falcon & Winter Soldier, Sosok Berbahaya!

At this moment the team was confronted by an abstract entity called the who repudiated their mission of creating new universes.

  • A few months following the , Valeria's intelligence took a quantum leap, increasing to a level that would match her father's in only a matter of time.

  • Her motivations seem to be power and chaos.

Why Val Needs Hawkeye Dead In Her Thunderbolts Plan

Her other work can be found at The Mary Sue, Film School Rejects, UPROXX, Heroic Hollywood, Looper, The List, and Bam Smack Pow, among others.

  • A double agent was born.

  • Seorang Triple Agent Saat Val bertugas di SHIELD, dia kemudian bergabung dengan Femme Force, sebuah kelompok elit yang berisi para wanita dari agen SHIELD yang mana pemimpin mereka adalah Sharon Carter, Nick Fury, dan Captain America.