Jollibee sunway - Jollibee welcomed to West Malaysia by hundreds of customers lined up for store opening

Sunway jollibee Jollibee opens

Jollibee opens its 1st West M’sian outlet in Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion Bukit Jalil is next

Sunway jollibee Jollibee opens

Sunway jollibee Jollibee Malaysia's

The crunch countdown begins... Iconic Filipino Jollibee is set to open at Sunway Pyramid in January 2022

Sunway jollibee Jollibee opens

Sunway jollibee Jollibee Will

Sunway jollibee List of

Sunway jollibee First Jollibee

Sunway jollibee JOLLIBEE

Sunway jollibee Jollibee has

Sunway jollibee Jollibee Will


Jollibee opens first outlet in Peninsular Malaysia. Here's what you should order first

· Basic knowledge of accounting system is a bonus in order to complete the necessary operations reports.

  • So fans must be wondering, what took the Filipino fast-food chain so long to establish a presence closer to our capital city? Jollibee has lastly arrived on West Malaysian shores, opening its first outlet in Sunway Pyramid on February 8.

  • This is another great news for fast food enthusiasts knowing that a lot of famous international fast-food chains has been flocking Malaysia.