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Spin a dreidel from an elderly artisan

Apart from offering formal religious teaching, Judaism is… The Star of David is also called the Shield of David, or Magen David in Hebrew.

  • According to a tradition first documented in 1890, the game was developed by Jews who illegally studied the in seclusion as they hid, sometimes in caves, from the under.

  • The dreidel is philosophy.

Dreidel Rules: How to Play Dreidel

In Israel, therefore, dreidels have a Pey instead of a Shin, representing the word Poh, which means Here, since the miracle actually occurred in the land of Israel.

  • وفي أعقاب حرب شعبية بارعة ووسط انتصارات كثيرة بين جيوش سوقية نظامية التى كانت تفوق القوات اليهودية عددا وعدة تمكنت القوات اليهودية من تحرير أورشليم القدس وتطهير هيكل سليمان وإعادة تكريسه عام 165 قبل الميلاد.

  • In the wake of Zionism, the dreidel was renamed sevivon in modern Israel and the letters were altered, with shin generally replaced by.

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