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The Sad Thing That Happened To Stingrays After Steve Irwin's Death

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Stingray Barb Foot Injury

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‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin killed by stingray

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Barb stingray ‘Crocodile Hunter’

5 things to know about stingray barbs, this month’s 3D printed reward!

Most batoids spend their time resting on the seafloor with their mouths and gills on the bottom and their eyes and spiracles snorkel opening for breathing on top of their heads.

  • If you are experiencing seizures, fainting, swelling of your lips, or wheezing, these are more serious than other standard symptoms, and the doctor needs to know about them.

  • Although most whiptail stingrays look alike and have drab-colored features, some of them may have small blue or leopard-like spots, a honeycomb pattern, or even white spots that run along the sides of each of the discs.