Onyx cinema - World's Largest Onyx Cinematic LED Screen Now at Star Cinema Grill

Cinema onyx Onyx

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Cinema onyx Onyx Cinema

Cinema onyx Samsung Onyx

Cinema onyx Samsung/HARMAN Onyx

Cinema onyx Onyx Cinema

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Onyx Cinema Screen — Roundabout

Cinema onyx Largest Samsung

Cinema onyx Onyx Cinema

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Book Tickets for K.G.F. Chapter 2 Movie at Swagath ShankarNag (ONYX) LED Cinema: MG Road 07:00 PM Showtime

Cinema onyx Onyx Cinema

Samsung Onyx Cinema LED

Largest Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen in U.S. debuts in Texas

The latest Onyx Cinema LED screen comes equipped with an array of solutions including Onyx VIEW, Onyx 3D and Onyx SOUND, providing a uniquely immersive experience.

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  • Color Grading up to 300 nits with true 0 nit black, it truly is a sight to behold! Booked tickets will not have allocated seats.

Samsung/HARMAN Onyx Cinema Solution

The Onyx reinforces Samsung's commitment to exploring exciting ways to improve the customer experience and drive operational efficiency.

  • Hee posing with 'Spiderman' during the grand launch event.

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