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45+ Best Free Google Slides Themes & Templates 2022

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Best Free Google Slides Themes for 2022

This article explores two different methods of converting a PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides and lists the pros and cons of each method.

  • Get ideas for solving common business challenges with Google Apps Script.

  • Doing this automatically creates a blank Google Slide where you can add slides.

221 Free Google Docs and Slides Templates [2022 ]

Google Slides is a pretty decent cloud-based alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, but if you need to share it with someone in the form of an email attachment, you might be looking for how to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint so it doesn't have to go as a link.

  • Use Google Workspace to create a simple way for employees to orient themselves on your projects and become productive fast.

  • One Google Slide template to rule them all.