Caretaker prime minister - Caretaker Prime Minister: Know who is the caretaker prime minister and what are his responsibilities

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Somalia President appoints caretaker Prime Minister

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Caretaker Prime Minister: PM Imran proposes name of former CJP Gulzar Ahmed

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It’s a caretaker government, not just caretaker prime minister ― Hafiz Hassan

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Having An Interim/Caretaker Prime Minister Is Actually Nothing New In Malaysia

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Imran Khan picks Gulzar Ahmed as caretaker PM: Who is he and what will his role be?

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Caretaker Prime Minister: PM Imran proposes name of former CJP Gulzar Ahmed

A caretaker Prime Minister is someone who temporarily runs the government until the appointment of the next Prime Minister.

  • In his letter, President Alvi told them in case they do not agree on the appointment within three days of the dissolution of the Parliament, they shall forward two nominees each to a committee to be constituted by the Speaker, comprising eight members of the outgoing assembly, or the Senate, or both, having equal representation from the treasury and the opposition.

  • Five other names are also under consideration for the post of care taker prime minister and speculation is rife as to who will be nominated.

Bulgaria's caretaker prime minister says priority is rule of law

So, if his vote of no confidence in the present government is approved by his fellow minister, he would be appointed as a temporary caretaker while looking to extend Article 50.

  • There has also been a sharp increase in tension between President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, as well as a currency collapse to contend with.

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